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Cross Country Ski Lessons for Adults 2019- 2020

Practically everyone can benefit from ski lessons. While cross country skiing appears deceptively simple, instruction can make skiing less effort and more fun, enabling you to go further and ski faster. A trained instructor can help get you started – or get much better – in one of the best winter sports in Saskatoon! This season we are offering courses to adults in beginner classic and skate skiing. We haven't scheduled any intermediate courses, but may open a session if there is sufficient demand.

All SNSC adult instruction courses are taught by Canadian Association of Nordic Ski Instructors (CANSI) certified instructors. Ski lessons take place at Kinsmen Park in downtown Saskatoon on machine groomed trails maintained by Nordic Ski Club volunteers.

Classes (limited to 8 candidates) usually fill up well before start date, so register early to reserve your place. More courses may be added to the schedule as the season progresses, depending on instructor availability, weather, etc. Course fees do not include skiing equipment. If you need rentals, contact Eb's Source for Adventure 306-652-0385 and Escape Sports 306-244-7433.  

For general inquiries on the instruction program/registration, please contact the Adult Instruction Coordinator, Bruce Simms at 306-220-6967, email: For inquiries about course content or technical issues, please contact the particular course instructor, Cliff Speer at 306-653-5693, email: or Bruce at above contacts. If a private or semi-private lesson suits your schedule better than a group lesson, contact Bruce or Cliff to make arrangements.


Course I: Dec 10, 12, 17 (7:00 - 9:00 pm) Instructor: Bruce Simms

Course II: Jan 7, 9, 14 (7:00 - 9:00 pm) Instructor: Bruce Simms

Course III:  Jan 28, 30, Feb 4 (7:00 - 9:00 pm) Instructor: Cliff Speer 

Each course covers identical content - waxing theory, basic diagonal stride techniques, including balance and weight transfer, double poling, herringbone and snowplow, turning and stopping.  Suitable for those who have never skied before or have had no formal instruction.


Course IV:  Feb. 6, 11, 13 (7:00 - 9:00 pm) Instructor: Bruce Simms

A course for those new to skate skiing or those wanting an understanding of the fundamentals of the skating motion on skis. Covers basic skate techniques - free skate, one skate, two skate and offset. You will need your own skate skis or rentals for this course.

How to register...

Club members or those wishing to become club members can register online through Zone4: . Remember that members get a $25 discount per course. If you have questions or are unable to register on-line, contact Instruction Coordinator Bruce Simms:

Class location...

The classic and skating courses are taught on the training track at Kinsmen Park.  Meet the course instructor at the old green log warming hut (former park concession booth) situated about 100 metres northwest of the big yellow ferris wheel in the Park.

A note about bad weather...

Sessions will be rescheduled by the instructor in the event of bad weather.  The instructor will contact you if a session needs to be cancelled.

Course Fees:                      Member           

All courses                          $70 (includes $25 club discount)                  



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