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What is a "loppet"

It’s a fun, sociable cross country ski event for all ages and abilities. Think of it as a large organized ski tour that includes refreshments. Loppets are not formal races, although the events are often timed, and many skiers challenge themselves to ski as fast as possible in an atmosphere of friendly competition. Other skiers take a leisurely approach, enjoying the scenery and socializing en route. Loppets provide an opportunity to ski different groomed cross country ski trails and be-friend skiers from across the province. Bill Bishopp wrote a great introduction to loppets for Saskatoon skiers here (starting on p. 6).

For the schedule of loppets in the province, pelase refer to Cross Country Saskatchewan's calendar

Note:  There are no loppets currently planned for the 2020/21 season due to COVID-19 restrictions. 

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