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The Saskatoon Nordic Ski Club recently completed four projects:

We previously completed the following projects:

  • Website Re-design
  • Vision 2020: Creation of a 10 year Strategic Plan
  • Storage Container Purchase for Wildwood Golf Course
  • Tidd Tech Groomer Purchase

For more information on our historical projects, please contact us at Email Us. For more information on our current projects, please visit Donate.

Tracking Equipment for Eb’s Trails

The Saskatoon Nordic Ski Club has groomed the cross country ski trails at Eb’s Trails using equipment stored in the City of Saskatoon for approximately 40 years. In 2011, the Club made the decision to purchase tracking equipment for Eb’s Trails to continue to provide an excellent wilderness skiing experience at Eb’s Trails and to reduce the significant burden on the volunteer trail groomers due to the long hauling and unloading time, and issues related to the ability of the current equipment to function in heavy snowfall or icy conditions. The Eb’s Trails Committee recommended the purchase of the following equipment that will be primarily used at Eb’s Trails and will be stored at or near the trails:

  • A tracked utility all terrain vehicle (UTV) ($20,000)
  • A Tidd Tech G2 groomer ($5,000)
  • A compression drag ($500)
  • A brush mower ($3,000)
  • A permanent storage container (SeaCan). ($4,000)
  • Total estimated cost of equipment: $32,500

The tracked UTV will pull the grooming equipment on ice and in deep snow. It will carry two people comfortably, which is necessary for safety when working on a wilderness system. The UTV wheels will be installed for pre-season trail work. The UTV can transport volunteers and pull the brush mower. The G2 groomer is designed to set a high quality track in a variety of conditions.

The Saskatoon Nordic Ski Club has committed $20,000 to the purchase of tracking equipment for Eb’s Trails in 2011-2012. An additional $12,500 is required to complete the equipment purchase in the near term. The Eb's Trails committee hopes to have the major part of the purchase - a permanent storage container (SeaCan) and UTV - complete by fall 2011.

Those wishing to make a charitable donation to the Saskatoon Nordic Ski Club to facilitate the purchase of this equipment and to support trail grooming at Eb’s Trails can receive a charitable donation receipt by making a donation to the Saskatchewan Trails Association with accompanying information indicating that the funds assist the Saskatoon Nordic Ski Club, Dedicated Tracking Equipment for Eb’s Trails Project.

Donations can be mailed to:
Saskatchewan Trails Association
#242 – 918 Albert Street, Regina, Saskatchewan, S4R 2P7

Please click here to download Eb's Grooming Member Info Document ( 14 KB PDF)

Eb’s Trail Signage

Immortalize your name for only $35 by sponsoring a trail sign! SNSC is revitalizing Eb’s skiing and hiking trails with a system of highly visible sign posts and trail flags. Individuals who sponsor a trail sign have their names printed on a sign in recognition for their support of cross country skiing in Saskatchewan. For more information please contact Heather-Dawn Bernhard at  Email Us

Vision 2020 Implementation

Click here to download a copy of our Vision 2020 Implementation Document

Participation in Kinsmen Park & Area Master Plan Project

The Saskatoon Nordic Ski Club is involved as one of the stakeholder groups representing the interest of cross country skiing in the Kinsmen Park & Area Master Plan Project currently underway by the City of Saskatoon. The City of Saskatoon initiated this project in early 2011.

An initial public meeting to gather public input was held in April 2011, followed by a public presentation of concepts on June 1, 2011. The absence of skiing and winter activities in the concept drawings in the presentations made at the June 1 2011 stakeholder and public meeting caused significant concern within the Saskatoon Nordic Ski Club and cross country ski community. In response to this, the Kinsmen Park Cross Country Ski Committee was formed to represent the interests of several organizations with respect to winter activities including cross country skiing and their inclusion in the Kinsmen Park & Area Master Plan Project.

This committee currently includes individuals representing the following organizations:

  • Saskatoon Nordic Ski Club
  • City Park Community Association
  • University of Saskatchewan
  • Saskatoon Public Schools
  • Para-nordic Athletes & Coaches
  • Canoe Ski Discovery
  • Eb’s Source for Adventure
  • Saskatoon Public Health Region – In motion
  • Community Skiers at Large

On July 27, 2011 the Kinsmen Park Cross Country Ski Committee met with City of Saskatoon representatives to discuss the Winter Concept to be included in the Kinsmen Park & Area Master Plan Project. The feedback provided by the Committee to the City of Saskatoon was consistent with earlier submissions made by the Saskatoon Nordic Ski Club and other members of the Kinsmen Park Cross Country Ski Committee and included the following:

  • Inclusion of a winter concept plan is a positive direction for the Kinsmen Park & Area Master Plan Project that is strongly supported by the committee;
  • Maintenance of a cross country ski path that facilitates access between the north and south parts of Kinsmen Park is critical to continuing cross country skiing in the park;
  • Storage space for trail grooming equipment is necessary to facilitate cross country skiing in Kinsmen Park;
  • Additional amenities such as all season washrooms and meeting space, and additional topography are desirable to facilitate cross country skiing in the park;
  • Renovation of the tunnel that connects the northeast corner of Kinsmen Park to the Mendel building to facilitate summer and winter passage is desirable for cross country skiing;
  • Addition of hydrants or water access to facilitate snow making in Kinsmen Park should be considered if renovation of existing water access locations is planned, and would be desirable for future snow making;
  • Loss of the northwest corner of the park and the majority of the centre of the park reduces the cross country ski trail length within the park by more than 10 percent, represents a loss of topography important to cross country skiing, and is in general an undesirable consequence of the relocation of the play and parking areas; and
  • Walking on cross country ski trails in Kinsmen Park is undesirable, therefore it is desirable to plan a route to access the tobogganing hill from the planned parking area that does not directly pass over the cross country ski trails, to identify walking routes from City Hospital to the University Bridge, and to post signage where possible to encourage walkers to stay off the ski trails.

Presentation of the Kinsmen Park & Area Master Plan to City Council was completed on December 6, 2011.  The Saskatoon Nordic Ski Club successfully lobbied City Council to have two key activities included in the winter concept plan into the Phase 1 implementation schedule, pending available funding.  We are planning to continue this project into 2012 by meeting with the City of Saskatoon and potentially identifying sponsors for the winterized facility and ski bridge.


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