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Publications / Communications

The Saskatoon Nordic Ski Club publishes the following documents:

  • Kivilski, the Club Newsletter
  • Meeting Minutes from Executive Meetings
  • Meeting Minutes from General Meetings

What is the Kivilski?

The Club Newsletter, Kivilski, is published 4 times during the skiing and hiking season, September to March. Members receive a hyperlink to the latest issue via email or may request a printed copy when they register. The newsletter provides:

  • a helpful resource of handy guides to the Sunday ski tours in the winter, and the spring and fall hiking, dates and destinations.
  • a communication tool for Club activities such as cross country ski lessons for adults and children, group training, special training events, loppets and competitions, and meetings.
  • executive reports, musings and stories with pictures, contributed by Club members, of happenings in the Cross Country Skiing world.

Historical issues of the Kivilski available for free download are outlined below.

Executive Meeting Minute Downloads (PDF)

2010-10-14 SNSC Exec Minutes76.45 KBDownload
2010-11-24 SNSC Exec Minutes 81.67 KBDownload
2011-01-06 SNSC Exec Minutes80.59 KBDownload
2011-03-10 SNSC Exec Minutes 74.88 KBDownload
2009-10-15 SNSC Exec Minutes71.18 KBDownload
2009-11-26 SNSC Exec Minutes 72.23 KBDownload
2010-01-14 SNSC Exec Minutes 72.15 KBDownload
2010-04-18 SNSC Exec Minutes 69.41 KBDownload
2014-04-24 SNSC Exec Minutes74.22 KBDownload
2014-09-18 SNSC Exec Minutes66.69 KBDownload
2014-11-13 SNSC Exec Minutes95.38 KBDownload
2015-01-08 SNSC Exec Minutes133.86 KBDownload
2015-03-12 SNSC Exec Minutes43.48 KBDownload
2015-04-22 SNSC Exec Minutes96.91 KBDownload
2015-09-03 SNSC Exec Minutes136.37 KBDownload
2015-10-29 SNSC Exec Minutes108.36 KBDownload
2015-11-26 SNSC Exec Minutes99.96 KBDownload
2016-01-07 SNSC Exec Minutes89.31 KBDownload
2016-02-11 SNSC Exec Minutes89.71 KBDownload
2016-03-24 SNSC Exec Minutes124.69 KBDownload
2016-09-08 SNSC Exec Minutes99.80 KBDownload
2016-10-06 SNSC Exec Minutes117.09 KBDownload
2016-11-17 SNSC Exec Minutes125.71 KBDownload
2017-01-12 SNSC Exec minutes113.91 KBDownload
2017-02-23 SNSC Exec minutes104.28 KBDownload
2017-04-06 SNSC Exec minutes105.49 KBDownload
2017-09-07 SNSC Exec Minutes995.24 KBDownload
2017-11-02 SNSC Exec Minutes99.03 KBDownload
2018-01-11 SNSC Exec Minutes113.98 KBDownload
2018-03-08 SNSC Exec Minutes102.51 KBDownload
2018-04-26 SNSC Exec Minutes108.46 KBDownload
2018-09-13 SNSC Exec Minutes119.55 KBDownload
2019-09-16 SNSC Exec Minutes107.15 KBDownload
2019-11-25 SNSC Exec Minutes114.00 KBDownload
2020-01-13 SNSC Exec Minutes134.11 KBDownload
2020-02-24 SNSC Exec Minutes122.74 KBDownload
2020-04-20 SNSC Exec Minutes113.59 KBDownload
2020-08-10 SNSC Exec Minutes93.28 KBDownload
2020-09-21 SNSC Exec Minutes377.13 KBDownload
2020-11-20 SNSC Exec Minutes377.13 KBDownload
2020-12-14 SNSC Exec Minutes377.13 KBDownload
2021-01-25 SNSC Exec Minutes87.45 KBDownload
2021-03-08 SNSC Exec Minutes63.97 KBDownload
2021-04-19 SNSC Exec Minutes81.90 KBDownload
2021-09-16 SNSC Exec Minutes92.05 KBDownload
2021-11-04 SNSC Exec Minutes89.41 KBDownload
2022-01-27 SNSC Exec Minutes78.99 KBDownload
2022-03-17 SNSC Exec Minutes92.05 KBDownload
2022-05-05 SNSC Exec Minutes83.15 KBDownload

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