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Adult X-C Lessons Registration Now Open

You can register online for adult cross-country ski lessons using the zone 4 system. The lesson schedule for the 2017-2018 season and a link to the online registration process can be found at

Anyone starting out should seriously consider taking lessons to get going on the right track. Believe me, from years of teaching professionally, it’s much easier to learn the best x-c techniques from the get-go than to try and unlearn & then relearn a better way to ski. It simply takes at least half as much energy!

For those that have already started on their own or have been practicing the trial & error style of learning for some time, but not making much progress, I have the same advice: take a lesson! You may have to spend some time unlearning poor habits, but that will set the stage for discovering new & exciting ways of improving your technique and your enjoyment of skiing.

For more experienced skiers, sometimes the most effective way to improve your skiing or enlarge your technique repertoire is to take a private lesson, where specific areas needing attention can be focused on much more effectively than is possible in a group class. Timing, personal agendas & weather can also usually be accommodated more easily as well. Contact Bruce or Cliff to set up a private lesson.

Keep up the snow dance – we still need a few more inches to whip those tracks into shape with the groomer!

Cliff Speer
CANSI Instructor & Volunteer Groomer 




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