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Wanna Ski Like a Pro? Take Lessons! Adult Registration Now Open

Cross-Country Ski Lessons for Adults 2018-19

This year's instruction line-up offers learn to ski for beginners, and intermediate technique tune-up for those who have had some skiing experience and feel comfortable on their skis, but feel they can do better. 

Learn to Ski includes classic and skate skiing lessons in separate courses. The Intermediate Classic Technique Improvement course is kind of a catch-all for those who are familiar with basic skills, but have never taken formal instruction or need a refresher. An intermediate skate skiing course is not on the current schedule as interest in such a course has proven to be minimal in the past. It may be added later on if demand materializes. 

A word of advice from observing beginners in a learn to skate ski class. Most usually have a tough time. If you're not blessed with an athletic gene, it will take time and lots of practice to master what is a fairly complex skill. It only works well and with minimal energy output if you are able to master the technique of transferring your weight completely from ski to ski as you would when running. If you start learning this principle by using it to master the diagonal stride in classic skiing, you’ll be on the right track to apply it to the more advanced skill of skate skiing. Simply put: first things first! 

The benefit of taking ski lessons is multifold, but here are a few good reasons: 

  • For example, now you’ll know why some of your skiing buddies seem to move down the trail effortlessly, leaving you in the powder dust! 
  • A competent instructor can speed up your learning curve dramatically. You’ll learn faster with help from a pro - someone who can observe what you’re doing and give you tips to do it better or change it altogether. 
  • You’ll move your body more efficiently and save energy for the things you want to do après-ski! 
  • It’s usually faster and less frustrating to learn it right from the start than to ingrain a lot of trial and error habits that eventually have to be unlearned and more time/energy expended learning new and more efficient technique. 
  • You’ll simply have fun learning and enjoy skiing a lot more!  Enough said!

All that’s needed now in Saskatoon is something white to ski on. We trail groomers at Kinsmen Park, where we hold all the adult ski classes, are chomping at the bit to lay down a track, but Nature has just been teasing us so far. We’ve done some initial packing for skating, but still there’s grass & other debris showing through. We need another 2-3 inches of densely packed snow to set a classic track.

However, don’t let the lack of snow deter you from registering for lessons. Classes fill up pretty quickly once a few flakes fall, so jumping on it right away will guarantee you a spot. For more info on the course schedule and to register go to 

Submitted by Cliff Speer, CANSI instructor & trail groomer

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