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Eb's Trails Re COVID

Due to COVID-19 the club is advising against the use of the huts this season, we encourage skiers to use their cars for warm up and snacks.  There is a firepit at the South hut and a supply of wood has been stored there.  Please limit outdoor fires to the designated fire pit only and do not leave your fire unattended.  NO outdoor fires at the North hut, please.

Please adhere to COVID restrictions - i.e. car pooling only with your social bubbles, maintaining physical distancing at all times like in the parking lots and at junction maps. Remember that in sporting activities that cause heavy breathing it is recommended to keep even greater distance than 2 meters.  I have seen as much as 3.5 meters recommended for joggers.  Move well off the trails when passing and meeting other skiers.

The outhouses will be available to use, but since we have no way of sanitizing, please use at your own risk and carry hand sanitizer for before and after using them.

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