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Vision 2020 Needs Your Input on a New Facility!!

Hi everyone,

We are taking advantage of the lack of snow to move forward with our Vision 2020 planning.  Jeff Whiting has generously offered to lead the Vision 2020 Implementation New Facility committee, and this committee has continued to meet this winter.  At our last meeting, we thought we should share with you our ideas on locations that we will evaluate in terms of their ability to host a new facility.  The criteria we are looking at to evaluate locations involve reviewing accessibility, potential to support infrastructure, and potential to support trails of various characteristics. 

The locations the committee has come up with are listed below, in no particular order.  Please let us know your thoughts at

- Wanuskewin

- Silverwood/ Factoria

- Gabriel Dumont with Diefenbaker

- MVA Canada Trail

- Northeast Swale with link to Peggy McKercher Conservation Area

- Strawberry Hills (by Aberdeen)

- Ski-jump hill (by University of Saskatchewan)

- Willows Golf Course

- Other golf courses

- Sutherland Beach

- Blackstrap

- Leisureland – Maple Grove

- Eb’s Trails

- Jim Smart property

- Chief Whitecap area

- Gordie Howe campground with extension into Holiday Park

- Cranberry Flats

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