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Spring General Meeting April 26 2012 7 pm, Rusty McDonald Branch Library

As spring is now here it is also time for the spring annual general meeting. The meeting is scheduled for April 26th at the Rusty McDonald Library Auditorium.  Doors will open at 6:30 pm.

The meeting will be planned to start at 7:00 and will be concluded by 8:30 as we need to vacate the room by 8:45.

The proposed agenda is as follows:

Chair: Kirsten Ketilson
1.  Introductions and Welcome
2.  Approval of Agenda
3.  Approval of Minutes of Fall General Meeting (attached)
4.  Business arising from fall general meeting
- none
5.  Review of 2011/12 financial statement (Ben Pickford)
6. Motion to waive the need for an audit
New Business
a. Executive 2012-2013 (Kirsten Ketilson)

The following positions are vacant for 2012-2013:
Publicity Director
Loppet Director
Equipment Director

In addition, anyone interested in the following positions is invited to come forward, otherwise the club executive has recommended that the current directors be appointed to continue in the position.
- Adult Lessons
- Treasurer
- Kivilski

b.Proposed membership fee increase for 2012-2013 (Eric Lamb)
The club executive recommends that the membership fees be increased as follows to allow the distribution of membership tags to all club members to increase visibility of club members on the ski trails, and the encouragement of on-line registration.
Youth - New Fee - $35
Adult - New Fee - $40
Couple - New Fee - $65
Family - New Fee - $70

c. Vision 2020 New Facility Report (Dorothy Quayle & Jeff Whiting)

The Vision 2020 Implementation Committee New facility subcommittee will present a summary of the potential locations for a new home that have been identified, how they were ranked preliminarily.  This is intended to generate discussion and provide an opportunity for members to provide input on the options currently being considered.

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