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What's Happening this Summer?

Hi there!

I suppose you're wondering what the ski club is up to now that it's summer.  Well, there are lots of things going on getting ready for the next hiking and ski season. Here are a few of the things currently going on that you might like to be involved with.  Please let us know at saskatoonnordicski(a) if you are interested in any of these initiatives:

Fitness Training

The High-performance group runs informal training over the summer.  The training is available for any and all club members.

Volunteer Committee

This committee had its first meeting May 28, and is going to be meeting this summer to set some plans for 2012-2013 related to making the club attractive for volunteers. 

New Facility Committee

This committee is continuing to meet over the summer and view & discuss potential new facility sites.

Publicity Committee

This committee will have its first meeting for 2012-2013 in June and will discuss and brainstorm some potential opportunities related to raising the profile of the club in the community.

Website Review and Update

We will be updating the website photos with new photos from last year (yes, they will be from Saskatoon!), and we'll be updating the website content to prepare for the new season.  We'd appreciate any feedback on the website that you have.

Happy Summer!



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