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Skiers not on the list again !! Let's be heard.

We are re-posting this because it is so important.
TheRecreation and Parks Master Plan survey will be closed on Dec.12th.

Go to to fill it in .

You will not likely find anywhere in the section where you check off boxes that speak to the needs of skiers. We are once again relegated to the "other( please specify)" section at the very end of the boxes. So write your paragraphs there and be adamant in what you want.Take every opportunity to speak. Put our needs on their incomplete ballot.
We need:
-A support facility , like the speed skaters have at Clarence Downey Oval and the recreational skaters have at Meewasin Rink. A place with winterized washrooms and a social gathering place that can accomodate a group of people, lets say 1500 sq. feet. This facility could be used year round by other groups needing the same thing in a different season.
This facility would be located at a place with:
-better, more natural trails with shelter from the wind, hills and a length of more than 5kms. Golf courses are for golfers : flat ,open and windswept. Parks and trails are for skiers : with changes in elevation(hills) , sheltered in the trees and protected from wind. 
- lights, so that skiers of all ages can ski 7 days a week. We light so many of the outdoor summer facilities and trails but for some reason ski trails ,other than at Kinsmen, are dark.

Please help the club by speaking up. They have been hard of hearing with the Club in the past. We need to speak louder and more frequently and we can't do that without you.
Thank you

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