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3. Wildwood

Trail Update History

Date / Time Status Additional Details
12/05/22 15:07 PM Groomed Skate and classic tracks set
12/02/22 17:16 PM Groomed Classic and skate groomed.
12/01/22 7:39 AM Rollied Trails rolled, no track set, but still good skiing. Thin spots are filling in nicely.
11/30/22 10:46 AM Skate groomed working on setting a classic track
11/29/22 14:23 PM Rolled Rolling in progress
11/29/22 12:25 PM Classic track set Single classic track set. Skate trail continues to be rolled, but feel free to ski on it!
11/28/22 18:27 PM Rolled We're rolling and rolling with the new snow. Feel free to ski, it's still good skiing with just the rolling. We'll track set soon!
11/24/22 8:46 AM Closed Please stay off the trails when near zero or above temps so we can help keep our trail base through this warm weather. Skiing in warm weather is very destructive to the base. Grooming will resume when temps cool back down.
11/19/22 13:30 PM Groomed Skate & perimeter classic groomed. Many bare spots. Please stay off the trail when above 0 degrees
11/15/22 6:14 AM Skate track groomed preparing classic
11/11/22 22:17 PM skate groomed The skate track is good; classic is poor, thin early season conditions
03/19/22 16:18 PM End of season! Trails will no longer be groomed, thanks for a great ski season!
03/17/22 22:08 PM Skate track groomed No longer able to groom the classic track. Icy conditions.
03/16/22 20:57 PM Skate trail groomed Classic track icy and meting, but still skiable. Classic track grooming is done for the season.
03/16/22 0:01 AM Skate groomed Skate track groomed, classic track is icy and melting
03/14/22 15:04 PM Groomed Classic and Skate groomed.
03/14/22 8:22 AM skate groomed planned resetting of classic track this morning
03/11/22 14:00 PM Groomed Classic and Skate groomed
03/08/22 12:29 PM classic reset Single perimeter and interior loop set. Plan to set second classic track and skate March 9th
03/06/22 11:44 AM Groomed Classic reset, skate track groomed but remains soft.
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