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Trail Update History

Date / Time Status Additional Details
12/26/19 12:54 PM groomed skate track packed,in good condtion. No classic
01/10/19 17:52 PM Groomed the trail has been packed but need a bit more snow to set a classic track.
11/07/17 22:06 PM Nothing groomed yet Keep checking back
12/29/16 17:48 PM Skiable on rock skis sufficient snow to skate ski. Some thin patches
12/20/15 9:23 AM need more snow
02/26/15 14:19 PM Regroomed Feb.23rd Set for both Classic and SKATE on Feb.23rd. Get out to the Strap and enjoy . Shelter with wood stove in place.
02/20/15 21:42 PM Groomed for classic New groomer set 2 classic tracks. Will work to establish a skate trail soon.
02/10/15 17:02 PM Packed on Monday suitable for skate. Still a few icy sections.
01/05/15 14:59 PM Packing trail today More snow is needed before the trails will be able to be set.
12/12/14 9:48 AM Skiing not recommend The Park supervisor advises that due to the melt bare patches are frequent and thin , very icy conditions exist where snow remains. They will need a sizable snow fall before they are able to groom.
12/06/14 18:36 PM Great Improvements Please read the new trails description as many positive changes have been made.The trails are packed and suitable for skate skiing, but need more snow before classic tracks will be set.
12/06/14 7:39 AM New and improved The trails have ben widened and some of the more difficult technical sections changed. Packed for skate now.
09/21/14 21:27 PM Improving The Parks staff have plans to widen and improve access to the ski trails this fall. Will keep you informed , as long as you check back here.
03/14/14 18:58 PM Closed for season This report is from the Blackstrap Parks management.Due to bare sections and icy conditions Blackstrap trails will not be groomed any more this spring. We recommend skiers not use the trails.
03/06/14 20:40 PM Groomed for skate We had some grooming equipment issues this week so the trails are groomed for skate only. The competition trail is groomed on the entire bottom portion and 2/3 of the top due to drifts on the third coulee. Gordon Locke Park Supervisor
03/05/14 13:14 PM Groomed Monday. One section of trail not groom-able due to hard drift but remainder packed a set. Check back on Friday for update. ands
02/21/14 22:54 PM Heavy drifts Unable to groom competitive trail for weekend.Staff will work on drifts early next week. Novice trail to be groomed
02/14/14 16:58 PM Freshly groomed Trails in great shape thanks to new snow.
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