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Trail Update History

Date / Time Status Additional Details
02/14/20 14:24 PM regroomed forest park, diefenbaker
02/10/20 18:19 PM Diefenbaker groomed fair condition, also regroomed Harold Tatler,Grosvenor and President Murray; Also new trail in Pierre Radisson Park
02/06/20 16:51 PM forest park regroomed, good condition
02/06/20 13:04 PM meewasin regroomed, good condition
01/28/20 14:46 PM Diefenbaker, regroomed and President Murray as well
01/21/20 16:43 PM all groomed Forest Park, Diefenbaker, community parks President Murray, Grosvenor Park, Harold Tatler
01/21/20 11:46 AM forest park groomed, good conditions. In addition community trails in Presiden Murray and Grosvenor parks
01/07/20 12:42 PM Classic track Classic set in Forest Park Jan 3. Good with some thin spots
01/04/20 21:49 PM classic set forest park
01/04/20 21:48 PM classic set forest park
12/30/19 20:10 PM holiday groomed, Diefenbaker,Meewasin groomed,thin in places
12/28/19 8:52 AM holiday park classic set on new hill loop plus connector
12/26/19 19:38 PM Holiday Park packed Hill loop packed for skating. More grooming planned tomorrow
12/26/19 19:36 PM Packed for skating Hill loop is packed for skating. More grooming planned tomorrow.
03/08/19 10:26 AM Recent grooming City ski areas groomed Mar 6&7. All trails good conditions.
03/02/19 7:58 AM Recent grooming Feb 25-Forest park/Diefenbaker. Feb 26-Holiday Park. Feb27-Meewasin/Silverwood. Conditions all very good

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