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The High Performance Ski Racing and Training (HiPer) group provides high intensity, focused training for competitive cross country skiers in Saskatoon. The group is open to all members of the Saskatoon Nordic Ski Club from the Jackrabbits ski program to Masters skiers. HiPer is not only attracting recreational skiers, but also athletes from other sports like mountain biking, running and canoe racing seeking complimentary training opportunities in a winter sport.

Our accredited coaches provide appropriate and challenging workouts for all HiPer athletes. The group has a wide diversity of participants, with the core being the "HiPer Elite". These individuals have established training plans and specific goals, and their progress is closely monitored by the coaches.

The HiPer group enjoys the expertise of two Level 2 coaches, Kevin Robinson and Robin Butler, both of whom are actively pursuing advanced certification, as well as Cathy Sajtos, a licensed physiotherapist; she manages to introduce the skiers to new muscles every time they meet for hills and Plyometrics.

With the success of the Saskatchewan Team at the 2011 and 2015 Canada Winter Games , the Junior Racing Team is positioned to continue to grow and excel in Saskatoon. Members need to be between the ages of 10 and 18, and skilled in both skate and classic style skiing.

For more information on the HiPer group  plus the  Junior Racing team please contact the Competition Representative  Robin Butler at 

This ski program grows more popular every year, with coaches and training staff who are a gifted group of dedicated people. So make a commitment to get fit this year and join this active and fun group. Challenge yourself and participate. Encourage your kids to sign up! They'll belong to an exciting, growing team of skiers who are embracing the best winter sport in Saskatoon!

Please visit the for the schedule of group workouts (HiPer challenge) and races (Grapefruit Cup and Sask.Cup) , for last minute updates, Wildwood trail maps, race results and other  HiPer news.

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