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Trail Update History

Date / Time Status Additional Details
09/06/17 16:42 PM pre-ski work begun There is deadfall to remove, mowing and scything to complete.
04/15/17 18:53 PM Back this fall Enjoy the spring and summer trails.
03/22/17 10:41 AM icy, bare spots Grooming finished, unless there is a freak storm.
03/08/17 23:36 PM All trails groomed Most track is very good. There are some spots blown bare by the March 7 winds.
03/05/17 21:59 PM New snow Grooming planned Wednesday, March 8.
02/19/17 9:46 AM icy, bare spots After this past warm spell, the trails will not be good to ski until there is an accumulation of new snow. Not recommended.
02/10/17 21:30 PM All trails groomed Most track is very good. There are thin, problem sections on Big Spruce, Beaverlodge (north west) and the north west side of Jorgens.
01/31/17 22:45 PM 38 km groomed Some icy pieces, a few bare spots, most is very good. The 12 km groomed January 26 is hard and fast.
01/26/17 20:13 PM 12 km groomed Groomed were: North, west and southwest sections of Jorgen:s, the two northerly sections of Sask60, Porcupine, Bog, Hawk Ridge. A breakdown prevented the completion of the system.
01/24/17 6:03 AM Fresh snow Grooming planned for January 26.
01/21/17 20:11 PM New snow The ice is covered. Good when skied into last week's grooming. Expect more grooming before next weekend. Snow may continue until Monday.
01/14/17 21:32 PM 44 km groomed Some sections are still too thin for a classic track. Most of the system is now tracked, though. Conditions vary from excellent to fair/poor. The northwest section of Jorgens is not groomed.
01/13/17 20:47 PM Grooming A crew is working January 14. Watch for updates Saturday night.
12/31/16 19:59 PM Some grooming done Most of the system has too little snow for grooming. We put in a track where we could. The best trails for classic will be Porcupine, east and northeast Jorgens, north section of Sask60. Caution is necessary.
12/20/16 13:05 PM Thin snow cover The ground is covered. More snow is needed to begin grooming.
11/27/16 12:18 PM Cleared and mowed Ready for grooming when the snow comes.
10/04/16 17:27 PM Mowing completed Some clearing work is still required.
09/24/16 12:34 PM Autumn Gold Mowing starting Sept 26. Most deadfall is cleared.
08/31/16 16:18 PM Summer green Fall clearing has begun
03/27/16 10:47 AM Hiking begins soon It has been a great season. We will be back in the fall.
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