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Trail Update History

Date / Time Status Additional Details
03/17/18 3:28 AM All groomed 50+ km. groomed for classic.
03/14/18 19:25 PM Spring conditions Icy sections when the temperature is below freezing, slushy in the warm sun. Track should be improved by grooming before the weekend.
03/07/18 20:51 PM All Trails Groomed 50+ km. groomed for classic skiing. Some track may be soft. The parking lots are cleared.
03/03/18 22:42 PM New snow Grooming planned March 7.
02/16/18 21:22 PM All trails groomed 50+ km. groomed for classic technique.
02/02/18 19:54 PM Groomed 50+ km. groomed for classic technique. All track is very good.
01/31/18 23:28 PM More snow A few cm. of snow and a lot of wind have filled in a lot of the track. We plan to groom February 2.
01/28/18 2:55 AM All groomed Trails are very good
01/26/18 11:24 AM New Snow We expect to groom Saturday, January 27.
01/16/18 20:01 PM Groomed We groomed all trails for classic technique. Except for thin spots on about 200 metres of Big Spruce and 30 metres of Beaverlodge, all track is very good.
01/13/18 21:21 PM New snow About 8 cm. January 9. We plan to groom January 16.
12/16/17 17:56 PM received snow Dec 15 tracks are fast but very ski-able. 2cm of snow with a thin crust on top cover old icy tracks. Thin/icy patches under trees. Steeper hills will be very fast!
12/14/17 10:45 AM Needs snow Damaged by warm weather. May be icy, slushy, depending on temperature, until more snow comes.
12/07/17 21:48 PM Groomed There are still short sections where we could pack only. Most trails are good. Watch for ice on Corral. The ATV damage is repaired.
12/05/17 22:52 PM New snow Most tracks are good again, but getting old. There is some ATV damage. Grooming is planned Dec. 7.
12/02/17 6:47 AM Wind damaged Needles on the track make much of it sticky. The warm weather has crusted some track. The snow is too thin for grooming to repair the damage. More snow is needed.
11/25/17 12:48 PM Good conditions No thaw has occurred. Track is good. Exceptions: ATV damage, Beaverlodge, parking lot to 400 metres west. Corral has ice, slush on flooded areas, grass on edges. Not recommended. Parking lots are cleared
11/17/17 21:13 PM All groomed 50 km. of classic track. There are some early season conditions, with thin base and soft track. Overall the track is good.
11/16/17 19:32 PM New snow Grooming is planned for Nov. 17
11/07/17 19:53 PM Thin snow Insufficient for grooming. We hope for this status to change soon.
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