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1. Eb's Trails

Trail Update History

Date / Time Status Additional Details
04/23/20 7:08 AM Spring, summer trail Skiing finished for the season
04/11/20 21:41 PM 35 km groomed Eb's, Beaverlodge, Lookout Ridge, Sask60, Jorgen's, Porcupine, Bog all groomed.
04/10/20 12:04 PM Late Snow Some grooming is planned for April 11. Please remember to keep yoir distance from others when skiing.
04/06/20 16:29 PM Grooming finished Please adhere to physical distance rules. The new snow will be skied in, as we will not take out the grooming equipment again.
04/02/20 20:08 PM All trails groomed All trails are set for classic in very good snow conditions. Track is very good while the weather stays cool
03/31/20 20:06 PM New snow Grooming planned April 1.
03/14/20 21:29 PM 46 km. groomed Missed were Corral, Bog, middle of Sask60, Northwest and Southwest parts of Jorgens.
03/13/20 19:53 PM Grooming planned Sat Watch for updates.
03/08/20 21:22 PM All groomed 50+ km. of classic track
03/08/20 5:15 AM New Snow Grooming Sunday, March 8.
02/14/20 20:56 PM All groomed More than 50 km. of classic track.
02/13/20 19:47 PM Old Track Some wind and usage damage. Grooming is planned for February 14.
02/03/20 19:25 PM All Groomed More than 50 km. of classic track. It looks very, very good.
02/02/20 9:52 AM more snow, wind Grooming is planned for early in the week, probably Monday.
01/18/20 21:46 PM All groomed Classic track is set on all trails. There are now few thin spots.
01/09/20 22:28 PM All groomed All set with classic track except rooty sections on the south of Big Spruce nd the north west part of Beaverlodge. There are thin spots, but most of the track is good.
01/04/20 22:23 PM All groomed Classic track set. Snow is still thin, but a brief storm went through after grooming. Good conditions.
12/17/19 0:27 AM All groomed Early season conditions. Trails are trackset, except where the snow is too thin. Recommended: Porcupine, Bog. east side of Jorgens, most of Eb's, south side of Beaverlodge. Not recommended: south part of Big Spruce, north west side of Jorgens.
11/30/19 23:41 PM Trails packed Some classic track set, intermittent, varied quality
10/30/19 20:17 PM 10 cm snow A start. It is skiable. We hope for more snow soon.
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