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3. Wildwood

Trail Update History

Date / Time Status Additional Details
03/07/19 13:02 PM groomed all trails classic and ski good condition
02/24/19 13:18 PM groomed redid classic tracks, went over the skate track breaking up drifts from the wind. More grooming will be taking place throughout the week.
02/21/19 14:46 PM all groomed both skate and classic are groomed. skate track will be a little soft
02/17/19 13:15 PM groomed Lots of fresh snow, has been gone over twice, still soft. also went over some of the classic tracks. Over the next few days will be going over trails regularly
02/12/19 19:11 PM groomed redid all classic and skate track
02/09/19 18:58 PM all groomed went over all classic tracks and skate track. everything looks good
02/03/19 12:56 PM in progress nobody is happier than the groomers to have snow to work with. The groomers have been packing the snow over the last 2 days. we will be putting in classic tracks Monday and continue packing the skate track.
01/30/19 13:05 PM groomed some classic track and the skate track has been groomed more grooming to take place thursday. grass showing through in a few areas
01/20/19 13:15 PM grooming on going the classic and skate have both been gone over lots of soft snow still a few bare spots
01/11/19 22:36 PM groomed put in some classic, still shortage of snow. with the fresh snow skate track will have soft spots
01/02/19 12:44 PM Groomed Dec. 31st
12/25/18 11:24 AM groomed Merry Christmas; both the classic and the skate track are groomed with shoveled snow on both. Both tracks have some bare spots
12/04/18 12:07 PM groomed went over skate track and put in some classic tracks. Classic tracks will have some bare spots
11/14/18 22:18 PM some grooming With a shortage of snow, we've done the best we can with the trails. Recommend using rock or old skies
03/27/18 18:13 PM groomed skate trails groomed classic track skied in
03/06/18 7:42 AM groomed soft spots
03/05/18 15:31 PM Some rolling done. Parking lot is NOT cleared by the city yet. Very deep fluffy snow on trails will require time to pack and then groom.
02/01/18 14:26 PM groomed perimeter classic groomed has some bare spots (grass showing) inside classic groomed with a couple of bare spots (grass showing) Skate track in good condition. grooming will be done regularly
01/28/18 13:35 PM groomed Skate tracks are groomed will be soft spots, with lots of various routes to choose from. Classic perimeter and inner classic are in good shape. grooming will be done on a regular bases.
01/27/18 7:25 AM Grooming started All 9kms of trail rolled on Friday. When settled enough, packing will begin Expect skate trail to be soft. When that is settled enough classic tracks will be laid in.
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