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3. Wildwood

Trail Update History

Date / Time Status Additional Details
12/06/17 18:45 PM groomed both classic and skate trails are groomed. skate track is a little soft
12/01/17 12:34 PM groomed Perimeter Classic reset. skate track groomed. Please note New cutoffs have been added to help with staying on groomed trails and allowing shorter distances. cutoffs will be packed as part of the regular grooming
11/22/17 18:33 PM good Just a friendly reminder **PLEASE STAY OFF TRAILS WHEN TEMP. IS ABOVE ZERO** thankyou
11/21/17 14:47 PM groomed some wind damage, overall both skate and classic are in good shape..
11/17/17 10:34 AM all gromed Please follow signs, there has been skiers making there own trails across middle of greens Please stay on groomed trails. there is going to be soft spots, overall trails look good
11/15/17 16:04 PM skate and classic groomed in good condition a little snow drifting. NOTE VERY IMPORTANT. The purpose of the signs is to direct us from areas that the golf course doesn't want us to go! Please work with the Ski Club and respect the signs. Thank you
11/13/17 11:39 AM groomed PLEASE NOTE;; Please stay on the trails as under the snow are hugh tarps that we have to stay off. Thank you
11/10/17 17:31 PM groomed redid perimeter classic track, plus rolled and packed skate track. please read and follow all signs Thank you
11/05/17 22:29 PM Both trails groomed Inside loop rolled and packed and great for skate skiing. Still not quite enough snow depth for a classic track.Perimeter loop set for classic with some thin , dirt sections.
11/05/17 7:52 AM rolled and packed No classic trail yet , just skate packed
03/11/17 11:08 AM groomed skate track good perimeter classic track only
03/08/17 12:02 PM groomed Some icy spots and a few spots with very little snow. Plus lots of course changes because of weather. Perimeter classic track only
03/06/17 10:30 AM grooming the trails are in the process of being groomed, grooming will be on going over the next few days. Please note some course changes have taken place.
02/13/17 9:04 AM groomed "NOTE" With warm weather here this week "PLEASE" help groomers and stay off the trails when temp. is above 0 Thankyou
02/11/17 22:35 PM Lots of new snow Inner looped packed and set Saturday Am and Saturday evening. Skate track soft, as trail needs time to settle.
02/07/17 13:13 PM groomed new peremiter classic track, skate track packed
02/05/17 11:41 AM groomed new 6km classic track, skate track excellent condition
02/03/17 8:39 AM groomed Skate track good a couple of icy spots. Classic track as good as we can get it due to lack of snow
01/30/17 20:10 PM groomed since the warm spell, skate track will have some icy spots. Classic track good spots and some bad spots. need more snow to reset.
01/28/17 10:47 AM trails groomed Classic track reset on inside loop. skate track good. Just a friendly reminder please stay off the trails when temp. is above 0 Thank you
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