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Receive a tax receipt for your donation!

You can support our vibrant, growing Nordic Ski Club with a donation and receive a charitable tax receipt! This is an opportunity to financially help with the excellent work our Club does - grooming trails, establishing a new Club "home", and introducing cross country skiing to school children and others.

The Saskatoon Nordic Ski Club has four projects approved by the Canadian Council of Provincial and Territorial Sport Federations. Donations will be tracked by Sask Sport and held by the National Sport Trust Fund (NSTF).  Charitable tax receipts will be mailed in January for donations of $20 or more made in the previous calendar year.

It's easy to do! Simply complete the Donor Form and pay online, specifying which project you wish your donation to go towards; or fill in a hard copy of the form and mail it to the address at the top of the form.

X-C Ski Facility (SK:13:007) – Funds will be used towards developing the concept, equipping the facility, designing an expanded trail system on Holiday Park Golf Course, and purchasing grooming and snowmaking equipment or lighting. (Members also have the opportunity to donate directly to  the Gordie Howe Sports Complex/Friends of the Bowl Foundation for the facility, training and competition grounds, storage, and other costs.)

Grooming X-C Ski Trails (SK:13:008) – Funds will be used for the maintenance and purchase of grooming equipment, used primarily in Saskatoon.

Eb’s Trails (SK:13:009) – Funds will be used for the maintenance and purchase of grooming equipment, and for the maintenance and improvement of the trails and infrastructure (e.g., cabins, storage shed).

Ski At School and Similar Outreach programming (SK:16:016)–Funds will be used for coaches honoraria, equipment maintenance and storage, facilities rental and other operating costs of the Ski At School program.

More info on the NSTF and how it works can be found on their website. You can contact Gail Motsi at if you have further questions.

In advance, the Club and the skiing community thank you for your donation. Your support will help make x-c skiing a better experience in and around Saskatoon!

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