Adult Lessons

We offer a wide variety of lessons for adults of all skills and abilities. Signup is done through Zone4.

Everyone can benefit from ski lessons. While cross country skiing appears deceptively simple, instruction can make skiing less effort and more fun, enabling you to go further and ski faster. For general inquiries on the instruction program/registration, please contact the Adult Instruction Coordinator, Bruce Simms at 306-220-6967, email: All fees are $90/course.



Learn to Classic Ski

Each classic course covers identical content – waxing theory, basic diagonal stride techniques, including balance and weight transfer, double poling, herringbone, and snowplow, turning and stopping. Suitable for those who have never skied before or have had no formal instruction. You provide your own ski equipment.

Learn to Skate Ski

A course for those new to skate skiing or those wanting an understanding of the skate fundamentals. Covers basic skate techniques – free skate, one skate, two skate and offset. You will need your own skate ski equipment for this course.

XC Downhill Skills Clinic

Would you like to be more knowledgeable and confident with downhill maneuvers? Could we help you ski a wider variety of trails? If so, this course may be for you. The first session will take place at the Gordie Howe practice hill. It will cover the fundamental skills and mental aspects of downhill. Depending on participant progress, the second session may take place at Langham (River Ridge) ski trails, built on the slope of the North Saskatchewan River Valley. As these trails aren’t part of SNSC, a small donation for use is appreciated. Expect to be incrementally challenged and rewarded throughout the course as your confidence improves.

Intermediate Classic Ski Technique

Skill improvement for skiers interested in understanding and applying the principles of efficient motion on skis. Course includes waxing theory, review of basic technique and practice on areas needing improvement, plus adding more advanced techniques such as kick double-pole. Longer daylight for this course will permit using the Holiday Park Golf Course slopes for tuning your hill skills. Previous beginner instruction would be an asset, but equivalent experience and feeling comfortable on your skis will help you progress in skill development.

Intermediate Skate Ski Technique

Let us help you take your one skate, two skate and offset techniques to the next level with drills, instruction and feedback that focuses on timing, balance, and coordination of movement. Your technical know-how will improve as we break down complete techniques into phases for practice. Expect this course to both challenge and reward you.

Private Lessons

Private instruction may be preferable for some as lessons are tailored to your schedule and needs. A lot can be accomplished in these typically shorter focused sessions. Contact the instructors below to inquire about private lessons.

Bruce Simms: 306-220-6967
Cliff Speer: 306-653-5693
Rob Howse: 306-664-6888